Hell hath no fury

03:20, Jan 31 2013
Asha Dutt
The message on Asha Dutt's facebook page.

A derogatory comment about Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt has appeared on social media site Facebook under the name of his long-time partner Asha Dutt.

The comment on Ms Dutt's facebook page, written 12 hours ago and under the heading 'Asha Dutt', says: ''Mayor Shadbolt - King of the fxxking ''Old Boys''....oh how the 'anti establishment' eventually become 'the establishment.'

There is no other text on the page to describe what is meant by the comment, however it coincides with the city council's decision yesterday to re-hire its longtime chief executive Richard King, rather than bring new blood into the position.

It is understood that, after a lively discussion, all but three councillors voiced their support for Mr King to retain the job.

Ms Dutt is not one of Mr King's supporters and after the decision had been made Mr Shadbolt told councillors that he would be in trouble when he got home.

Mr Shadbolt, New Zealand's longest serving mayor currently in office, was a student radical in his youth and was arrested more than 30 times during political protests. 

* The Southland Times has toned down the obscenity which had been written in full on the facebook page.


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