'Pink Ladies' on budget trip for cancer cause

16:00, Feb 01 2013
Pink Ladies
HELPING HANDS: Charity travellers Patrina Lawes and Gaeleen Scholes-Daysh collect for the Breast Cancer Foundation in Invercargill yesterday, as part of their $98.98 New Zealand tour.

Two women travelling the South Island on a shoestring budget for the Breast Cancer Foundation are hoping to see some famous faces while out in Queenstown today.

Cambridge residents Patrina Lawes and Gaeleen Scholes-Daysh, also known as the Pink Ladies, have spent the past 10 days travelling from their home in the North Island to Stewart Island, collecting money for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

They have made the journey for less than $100, paying only for bus fares and relying on donated accommodation and additional travel.

Mrs Lawes said one of the highlights of the trip was meeting a variety of celebrities along the way, including Gary McCormick and Jo Seagar.

"Every day we try to meet one or two famous people."

The pair had hoped to spend some time with Tim Shadbolt while in Invercargill on Thursday night, but were not able to synch their schedules, she said.

Mrs Scholes-Daysh said she was inspired to embark on the budget trip by co-workers who had been diagnosed with cancer, and by her mother, who had recurring breast cancer.

The women had no idea how much money they had raised so far, preferring to add it all up when they finished the journey in about a week's time.

The Pink Ladies will spend today and tomorrow in Queenstown, collecting for the foundation.


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