Superyacht may be Fiordland-bound

A superyacht owned by Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen will not be in Bluff today, South Port managers say.

The Octopus, a 127-metre long yacht that is said to have a swimming pool, basketball court, cinema, recording studio and two submarines, was rumoured to be heading for Bluff early this morning.

However, later this morning South Port general manager Russell Slaughter said the boat would not be in Bluff today and it was unclear if the Octopus would be making a stop there at all.

Marine administrator Murray Kelman said he understood the Octopus was heading towards Fiordland.

It was not known if Mr Allen was on board.

Superyacht agent 37 South Limited, based in Auckland, would not comment on the direction of the Octopus, which was seen in Timaru on February 2.

Hundreds of people flocked to the Port of Timaru to get a look at the superyacht before its scheduled departure on Monday.

The Southland Times