Riverton bore water passes taste test

20:48, Feb 06 2013
Cullen Thompson
GOING WITH THE FLOW: Cullen Thompson, 12, checks out Riverton's water yesterday.

Riverton residents have voted with their tastebuds to change the source of the town's tap water.

Southland District Council water and waste services project engineer Christine Byrne said work had started on upgrading the town's supply to a new source.

After receiving complaints about the taste of Riverton water, the council explored other potential sources for the town, she said.

Tests included running water from an experimental bore through standard water treatment processes and taste-testing it against the regular supply late last year.

"We set up camp in the library and accosted people as they walked in. We didn't want to [switch to] a bore if people didn't like the taste."

Almost everyone surveyed preferred the bore water, she said.


The current town supply is sourced from river water.

To avoid unnecessary cost, the team would continue testing the water quality and quantity in a second bore before work to link it to the town supply began in a few months, she said.

"We need to be sure there's actually enough ... before we sort of switch everybody over to it. We don't want it running out after two weeks."

She could not confirm the project cost but said it was likely to be done by late August.

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