Criminals on track to help in reserve

20:47, Feb 06 2013

A helicopter and convicted criminals are being used to spruce up walking tracks at the Mores Scenic Reserve in Riverton.

Southland District Council area engineer Leighton Hare said the difficulty in accessing some areas of the track had resulted in a helicopter being used to dump 60 tonnes of gravel in strategic locations.

The district council would organise the gravel to be spread out by people sentenced through the criminal courts to community-based work, Mr Hare said.

The council would also ensure slippery boardwalks were replaced.

Helicopter Line Fiordland's heavy-lift Squirrel chopper, piloted by Gaven Burgess, was being used for the work.

Mr Burgess said the weather conditions were excellent for flying and the job had gone smoothly.


The Southland Times