Public stumps up jars for prison jam

20:42, Feb 07 2013
Brenda King
SWEET TOOTHS: Salvation Army Foodbank co-ordinator Brenda King sorts out jars donated for jam made by prisoners.

It will be jars, not inmates, locked in the back of prison vans today as boxes of donated containers are transported to Invercargill Prison.

Hundreds of jars have been dropped off at the Salvation Army Foodbank after a public appeal earlier this week, and are now destined to be filled with jam made by inmates and donated to the foodbank, Hospice Southland and Habitat for Humanity.

Foodbank co-ordinator Brenda King said public response to the plea for jars had been incredible.

Even though prison wardens had collected a huge load of jars from the Salvation Army on Tuesday, there was another pile waiting to be picked up today, she said.

"We've got a mountain of hundreds of jars here.

"It's been overwhelming. The public has just really got in behind it."


Although the jam was destined for foodbank packages, Mrs King said she had been lucky enough to taste-test a small amount of the finished product.

"I did have a try. It is very nice."

Salvation Army court and prison officer Bruce Heather had also sampled the jam, and said it was absolutely superb.

He believed the foodbank had enough jars for now, but said donations of sugar would still be appreciated, as another load of jam fruit was being delivered to the prison this weekend.

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