Cat burglar strikes in Clyde

A Clyde woman concerned that someone was breaking into her house and stealing her clothes has found the culprit, an old, deaf, white cat.

Sergeant Derek Ealson, of Alexandra, said the woman contacted police saying she would awake from sleeping to find her folded washing piles disturbed and clothing missing.

However, a few days after reporting the incident to police she spotted a white cat stealing clothing items.

She went door-knocking in the neighbourhood and after some ''great detective work'' found the home of the cat.

The cat's owners said they had noticed extra items around the house but were unsure what to do about it.

Mr Ealson said it was believed the pair were on holiday from Southland and the cat had ''gone a bit wild'' after being brought along too.

''It's just a very odd cat,'' Mr Ealson said.

Another witness saw the cat going climbing through a fence with a shoe in its mouth.

''Some people might be wondering where their tennis shoe went. Anyone who notices they are missing anything can contact Alexandra police,'' Mr Ealson said.

The Southland Times