Davis case remanded to March

Bluff woman Gloria Davis, who faces charges relating to the Easy Rider boating tragedy in Foveaux Strait, faces a possible prison sentence if found guilty, an Invercargill District Court judge heard today.

Davis has been charged with three offences under the Health and Safety in Employment Act and two under the Maritime Transport Act.

She has pleaded not guilty.

Az1 Enterprises Ltd, of which Davis is the sole director, faces similar charges.

Judge Kevin Phillips, speaking during a status hearing for Davis  today, asked her lawyer, Roger Eagles, what the penalty was for the charges she faced.

Mr Eagles replied that two of the charges carried a penalty of prison.

Judge Phillips remanded the case until March 28, when a hearing date will be set.

Eight people died when the Easy Rider sank, including Davis' partner, William Rewai Desmond Karetai, the boat's skipper.

The others were Shane Ronald Topi, 29, Peter Glen Pekamu-Bloxham, 53, Boe Taikawa Gillies, 28, John Henry Karetai, 58, Paul Jason Fowler- Karetai, 40, Odin Nirvana Karetai, 6, David George Fowler, 50.

Dallas Reedy was the only survivor.

The Southland Times