Council wrong on Kawarau bridge - critic

22:26, Feb 13 2013

Queenstown resident Bill Falcone believes the Queenstown Lakes District Council is more concerned with getting a good-looking bridge across the Kawarau River than a functional one.

Mr Falcone aired his concerns after council transportation manager Denis Mander presented its submission during a notice of requirement hearing for land and resources needed to replace the current single-lane bridge.

In the council's submission, Mr Mander said the council supported the notice but asked the NZ Transport Agency to make a commitment to ensuring users did not experience congestion, that the council's urban design strategy was considered and they give regard to the needs of pedestrians and cyclists.

Mr Falcone, who earlier submitted on behalf of the Frankton Community Association, said he thought the council's view was short-sighted.

The association favoured a Robertson St connection rather than a Humphrey St option.

There was an estimated $1.2 million to $1.4m price difference.

The commissioners' decision was reserved.


The Southland Times