Scout training helped save life

02:50, Feb 15 2013
Hannah McLean
PREPARED: Invercargill teenager Hannah McLean, 15, used her scout training to save the life of a friend after a motorcycle accident.

The parents of a teenager involved in a motorcycle accident have praised the quick actions of an Invercargill girl scout who helped save their son's life.

Hannah McLean and Brynn Murphy had been camping with friends on a farm near the Gorge Road area last weekend.

The 15-year-olds were leaving the paddock when the back wheel of Brynn's motorbike got caught on a hook of a loose gate bungy. The bike flipped, knocking Brynn off, and landed on top of him.

Hannah, who was recently made a chief scout, said her first aid training just kicked in and kept her calm.

"I just knew straight away what to do," she said.

After the teenagers took the bike off Brynn, Hannah checked to see if he was still breathing.


"He was breathing but unconscious, so I had to wake him up by hitting his collar bone ... then I put him in the recovery position because he was choking on his tongue," she said.

"His face was pretty munted ... he had a head wound and kept forgetting where he was and what happened."

The teenagers called emergency services and talked to Brynn, keeping him calm and conscious until the ambulance arrived.

"The ambulance paramedics congratulated me and told me I pretty much saved his life," Hannah said.

She had been to visit Brynn in hospital every day since the incident.

"The first thing he asked me was if I had taken off his pants. He was relieved when I told him it was the paramedic. Then he said 'I heard you guys saved my life, thank you very much'."

Brynn's mother, Fiona Murphy, said the ambulance staff had been impressed with the actions of the teenager who helped save the life of her son.

"We are very grateful to all his friends. Brynn was lucky to have them there at the time. A big thank-you to everyone involved," she said.

Since the accident she had encouraged her children to take up a first aid course if they got a chance.

Brynn was put into an induced coma in intensive care for almost 24 hours.

He broke his cheekbone in three places and broke his wrist.

He arrived home from hospital yesterday and was exhausted after his operation, she said.

Some of his friends had been in to visit him and he was looking forward to posting a thank-you on Facebook to tell everyone how his friends had helped him, she said.

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