Heart trouble 'no bar to council work'

23:08, Feb 14 2013
Invercargill city councillor Lindsay Abbott
Invercargill city councillor Lindsay Abbott

Invercargill city councillor Lindsay Abbott is in Dunedin Hospital with heart problems, but he has vowed he will be back.

Cr Abbott, speaking from his hospital bed yesterday, said the illness would force him to look at his workload and social life, but he had no intentions of slowing down in the political arena.

He said he had a turn for the worse on Sunday and went to his GP on Monday.

He was taken to Southland Hospital where he was put on a priority waiting list to go to Dunedin Hospital, he said.

"I was in intensive care in Invercargill and on Tuesday I was on a helicopter up here."

He was feeling "relaxed" yesterday, largely due to the medication he was on.


He had undergone tests in hospital, but said one test was curtailed when he had an "attack" while it was under way.

"I have to keep relatively calm at the moment. I will know more on Friday. There will be a treatment and I will be back fighting."

Cr Abbott would sit back and contemplate his workloads.

"If I need to slow down it will be in social activities like theatre and I will have a look at my job with Bupa to a degree."

He would not be slowing down in politics, saying he enjoyed making a contribution and would stand for re-election on the city council in October.

"I want to get home and be involved in politics."

Lavish in his praise of hospital staff at both the Southland and Dunedin hospitals, he asked The Southland Times not to write this story as if he was dying.

"Because I am not. Put a slant on it that I am coming back, because I am."

Invercargill deputy mayor Darren Ludlow said the main concern of the city councillors was that Cr Abbott got himself healthy again.

"He contributes a lot at the table ... but you can't work without your heart. He needs to make sure that's as strong as possible."

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