Mystery black labrador fingered in Breadgate

19:31, Feb 17 2013

Hot on the heels of Clyde's knicker-nicking cat - revealed as a short-haired, blue-eyed moggy named Skitz - Arrowtown has had a case of canine thievery.

Arrowtown community constable Beth Fookes said the owners of the Espresso Love cafe off Arrowtown's Buckingham St reported about 40 boutique breads had been stolen after a 3am delivery last Saturday morning.

Having thought the incident unusual in the small, tight-knit tourist town, which remains relatively trouble free, Mrs Fookes started reviewing CCTV footage from an ATM machine showing the entrance off the small lane by which Espresso Love is reached.

She discovered a mystery black labrador, with bread packets in its mouth, had made repeated trips to the cafe.

"In total there were 10 paninis, 10 French sticks, 10 doughnuts and 10 bagels, totalling about $60 value.

"We've identified three black labs in Arrowtown that fit the description, but none of which are the offenders."

If anyone had any leads on the mystery dog, they should contact the owners of Espresso Love, Mrs Fookes said.


The Southland Times