Drop in bus use linked to $1 fare

20:19, Feb 18 2013

A $1 bus fare may have contributed to a decrease in passengers on the new Invercargill bus service.

The Invercargill City Council community services committee meeting yesterday considered a report prepared by senior traffic management officer Eddie Cook.

The report said passenger numbers on the Bus Smart public transport service, which was launched in the city in December, were predicted to lessen.

This was likely because of the reduced number of runs, from 10 routes to four, the new $1 charge for adults for off-peak travel, routes and a change in timetabling.

December and January generally had lower passenger numbers and the report showed the largest loss of passengers had been in the off-peak time, with adult passenger numbers reducing 62 per cent.

Mr Cook said Bus Smart had been well received.

Many of the drivers had said the atmosphere and general look and feel on the bus were better than the old service.

Mr Cook said a main goal was to improve the fare-box recovery.

The fare box had recovered $34,835 since December compared with $28,000 at the same time last year.


The Southland Times