Planning to cork keg chaos

21:35, Feb 20 2013
Keg party
Meetings are planned to thrash out issues related to the Hyde St keg party.

Dunedin's notorious Hyde St keg party comes under discussion at a meeting next week.

Student housing landlord rep, president of the Otago Property Investors Association Kyle Elmer, said an initial meeting to discuss issues, timetables, and strategies related to the event had already been hosted by the Otago University Student Association (OUSA).

Next week's meeting would nut out major issues. For landlords potential damage to properties and disruption to neighbours - which contravened tenancy legislation - were factors.

Injury and damage resulting from last year's party sparked a storm of criticism over the annual event, which sees the student area street blocked off for a gathering which attracts thousands of people. A roof collapsed under the weight of party-goers standing on it, several people sustained injuries, and 15 people were arrested.

Elmer expects the meeting to be held early next week.


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