Arrowtown attracting the mature visitors

22:15, Feb 22 2013

Arrowtown is a destination of choice for mature travellers, new research shows.

Half of all visitors to the town are aged over 55 and 72 per cent are over 40, a survey conducted by Arrowtown Promotion and Business Association board member John Lapsley showed.

Mr Lapsley said it was known the great proportion of the more than 400,000 people who visited Arrowtown each year were day trippers from Queenstown.

"With Queenstown's particular success as a youthful adventure sports capital, the research shows the important contribution Arrowtown makes to the Queenstown mix with its added appeal to the somewhat older demographic."

The research included street interviews, interviews with Arrowtown businesses and Destination Queenstown information.

It also found that half of Arrowtown's visitors were from New Zealand and half from overseas and that the visitor satisfaction rating was measured at 8.9 out of 10 (the same as Queenstown).


Asked to summarise Arrowtown in a sentence, the most often used expressed thoughts were "quaintness and charm" as well as the sense of history, physical beauty and good vibrations.

Mr Lapsley was surprised only 5.3 per cent of respondents mentioned the town's gold history.

"The town's promotion may need to be tweaked a little because historically there's been a greater emphasis on gold with slogans like ‘Born of Gold' and ‘Pure Gold'."

More work would also have to be done on keeping people in Arrowtown, as 43 per cent of visits were for two hours or less.

"It's apparent Arrowtown needs to improve the information it gives to visitors," he said.

The Southland Times