Estate agent fined $2000

22:15, Feb 22 2013

An Invercargill real estate agent has been fined $2000 after passing on confidential information about a police officer.

Dana Hunter, who works for Hoamz Southland Ltd, was fined by the Real Estate Agents Authority following a complaint laid by her former boss at another real estate agency, in October 2011.

Ms Hunter had passed on the unlisted contact details of a homeowner who was a police officer.

A decision, published yesterday states she breached rules of the Code of Professional Conduct and Client Care for disclosing, without consent, confidential personal information relating to a property owner, who was a client of the licensee's employer at the time the information was obtained.

Ms Hunter said yesterday: "I have moved on and put it behind me but it keeps being dragged up".


The Southland Times