Arrests mar concert

The Gibbston triple-bill of Pat Benatar, America and Bachman-Turner enjoyed by 15,000 people on Saturday also resulted in arrests for indecent assault and drunkenness.

Female concert goers were pestered by a "very drunk" 42-year-old Cromwell driver who repeatedly tried to touch women's bottoms and made unwelcome attempts at landing kisses to their faces.

Senior constable Sean Drader, of Queenstown, said an officer witnessed the man trying to touch a woman's bottom, and her slapping his hand away.

When the officer intervened the woman said he had tried to touch her three times.

As the man was being arrested at least two other women told the officer the same man had tried to kiss them.

The man will face two charges of indecent assault in the Queenstown District Court on March 11.

An "extremely drunk" 41-year-old woman was arrested about 5.30pm at the concert after causing a disturbance.

She was described as "lashing out at anyone, especially police," Mr Drader said.

Although it is not known whether the man attended the concert, a 45-year-old Christchurch man was arrested at a Queenstown motel at 9.45pm. He got into an argument with a man in a neighbouring unit that escalated into the neighbouring man being punched in the face.

A 40-year-old Oamaru textile worker staying with a Cromwell man at Shotover Lodge was arrested at 1.50 on Sunday morning. The man was "drunk and angry and threatened to smash up the room," Mr Drader said.

When police were called to the room they found cannabis in the unit.

The man will face threatening behaviour charges.

The Southland Times