Dog park closer but not yet a done deal

20:01, Feb 26 2013

A dog park on reserve land in south Invercargill is one step closer after the Invercargill City Council agreed in principle to the proposal.

During the infrastructure and services committee meeting this week, councillors listened to 40 public submissions related to the dog park.

The council had received 178 submissions in respect of the proposed dog park on a block of reserve land beside Elles Rd, between Balmoral Dr and Crinan St.

Of the submissions, 176 supported the dog park but not all supported the site.

The agreement came with the caveat that a final decision would only be made after the parks management team reviewed several concerns raised by councillors and the public.

Those concerns were the final design and ownership of the dog park and issues of excluding non-dog-owners from using a part of the reserve.


Cr Norman Elder said he was not sold on the idea of using a reserve for a dog park.

"He said he was unsure the city should be using a reserve as the location for its first dog park.

There could even be a case for breaking the Reserve Act, he said.

"I wonder if the use of reserve land is the proper use of a public space."

However he agreed to an agreement in principle provided that the issues raised would be discussed and returned to council before any final decision.

Cr Thelma Buck said after initially being against the idea of a dog park on the Town Belt she had a change of heart.

"I didn't like the idea of a dog park in south Invercargill but after reading the submissions I have changed my mind," she said.

She said it was not going to be a big area and the city needed a place for dog owners to take their animals.

Committee chairwoman Cr Carolyn Dean said the location of the dog park was well thought out by South Alive, the group charged with rejuvenating south Invercargill.

It had the potential to bring more people to south city and spend money at south city businesses, she said.

If a dog park was needed South Alive would be a good resource to utilise and save ratepayers from funding the project.

However, Cr Ian Pottinger said a certain portion of dog registration fees could be used towards maintenance of the park.

The Southland Times