Detail wanted over water use

Queenstown Lakes District councillors yesterday asked for clearer information to better quantify the amount of water used by the public.

Councillors asked for more detail on the way staff measured the amount of water used, the number of leaks and methods of detection.

The resort water demand management plan was launched last year to tackle the mystery of why district connections lose so much water and where it goes.

Figures suggest Queenstown's 7658 water connections used almost 5 million cubic metres of water in the last financial year, with a leakage rate of 47 per cent.

Council general manager infrastructure, Erik Barnes, gave an updated report and was asked to return in April with figures quantifying water usage and leaks.

Councillor Trevor Tattersfield asked for a report to show the amount spent on leak detection.

More information will be presented to council in April.

The Southland Times