Domestic assaults 'fuelled by alcohol'

20:11, Feb 27 2013

Cromwell police are disappointed with the "unacceptable high number" of domestic incidents, some extremely serious and most fuelled by alcohol.

Sergeant Simon Paget, of Cromwell, said that during the past month, police had dealt with a high number of domestic incidents, ranging from minor to extremely serious, with the common theme being alcohol "or rather, people's inability to handle its effects".

"In other cases, it seems underlying issues have simmered until things have reached boiling point.

"One thing I would like to impress on people is to get help early. Don't wait till things spiral out of control."

Sergeant Derek Ealson, of Alexandra, said police there had also dealt with several cases of domestic abuse.

Mr Paget said he was also "hugely disappointed" after police had to deal with several alcohol-related incidents of disorder and violence in, and around, licensed premises at the weekend.

A 31-year-old Tarras man was arrested for alleged assault after an unprovoked attack on another man; a 28-year-old man was arrested after he refused to leave The Brew House because of his intoxication and charges were likely to be laid after a female was assaulted with a glass after a fight broke out between two women.

"Those involved in these incidents will be subject to bans of up to two years and will lose the privilege of socialising in Cromwell's bars and hotels."

Licensees and police were concerned the message did not seem to be getting through to people that this type of behaviour would not be tolerated, he said.


The Southland Times