Marmite makes long-awaited return

21:07, Mar 19 2013

Queenstown New World bosses are expecting their new supply of Marmite, numbering 1125 jars, to fly off the shelves today but promise if they sell out it won't be for long.

The shelves were being stacked after closing last night in preparation for the first new batch of the black yeast spread to go on sale since the factory was wrecked in the Christchurch earthquake.

New World operator Anthony King said only 250 gram jars were available at this stage.

"There's not the usual choice of jar sizes, but Marmite producers Sanitarium have been working hard to build up their supplies, so it's good that no-one will miss out on Marmite from now," he said.

"If we do happen to sell out in the first, or first few days . . . we're pretty sure we'll be able to get re-supplied pretty quickly."


The Southland Times