Hiking-mad couple tie the knot on track

18:52, Mar 19 2013

A Chinese couple have celebrated their wedding on the world-renowned Milford Track.

Newlyweds Wei Sun and Jun Lu, from China's Guangdong province, love hiking so their best friend Qiao Xinyu organised a wedding trip to remember on the world renowned Milford Track.

Sixteen friends came together from China and elsewhere to celebrate their marriage, with many making their first visit to New Zealand for the occasion.

Ultimate Hikes guide Julia Kepp said news of the proposed wedding celebration came as a surprise to everyone outside of the wedding group.

Wei Sun and Jun Lu had packed their wedding clothes into their backpacks, including a traditional wedding dress and high heels for Wei Sun.

Her wedding flowers were collected along the track and the ceremony was held on the helicopter pad at Pompolona Lodge on day two of the five day walk.

The whole group and lodge staff attended the wedding ceremony, although most were not quite as well dressed as the bride and groom.

After the ceremony the couple had their wedding dance courtesy of Ultimate Hikes' guide Ryan Caldwell, who played the piano at the lodge and sang Neil Young's Harvest Moon.

Wei Sun said the marriage had been registered in December but the ceremony was "the important part" and they wanted to do it on a hiking trip.


The Southland Times