Maori roll options to decide electorates

18:44, Apr 03 2013

The Electoral Commission is urging Maori to enrol and decide if they want to be included in the Maori roll or general roll for the next two elections.

Commission field officer Graeme Price said he had fielded many inquiries about the Maori roll and he had spoken to people about the roll, their options and updating their details.

Commission enrolment services national manager Murray Wicks said the results of the Maori Electoral Option and the 2013 Census data would be used to determine the number of Maori and general electorates and set electorate boundaries for the next two elections.

If people wanted to change rolls, they could do so during the Maori Electoral Option, he said.

As of March 31, there were 32,844 listed in Te Tai Tonga electorate, which covered the South Island and lower parts of the North Island. Nationally, there were 427,000 enrolled people who could elect either roll. Of those, 55 per cent were on the Maori roll.

If people did not receive a Maori Electoral Option pack, they should visit, text their name and address to 3676, pick up a pack from any post shop or call 0800 367656.


The Southland Times