Stadium Southland cost rising

07:22, Apr 24 2013

The Stadium Southland rebuild costs are set to rise because of additional work needed to complete the core block.

Stadium Trust deputy chairman Alan Dennis, who is also president of the Invercargill Licensing Trust and chairman of the ILT Foundation, told a trust board meeting tonight more than $1m had been spent on structured steel alone and completion of the core block would now cost about $2m.

Earlier this month Stadium Southland Trust bosses announced the stadium completion would be pushed back until the end of October, instead of July.

The trust sited earthquake strengthening  of the core block as the reason for the delay.

The block consists of the original toilet area, and executive and corporate lounges on the first floor, which did not collapse.

Engineers assessed the block and found it to be 30 per cent of new building standards and the trust asked it be brought up top 100 per cent with the rest of the stadium.


Taking the core block up to standard was expected to cost $1.6m.

The stadium was expected to cost about $39m to $43m, if stage five was built.

Today Mr Dennis told ILT board members the scope and quantity of work had ''gone through the roof''.

''One of the major problems is the core costing is under way and it looks to be significantly more expensive than first thought,'' he told the trust.

The cost of the core block was an ongoing feature, which had to be done because safety would not be compromised, he said.

He updated the board on other parts of the rebuild: seating was almost complete, the Invercargill Athletics Club had been demolished and stage four outside plans were being finalised.

ILT board member Sean Bellew suggested that a natural water collection system be set up at the stadium to make it a good place for Civil Defence.

Mr Dennis said Environment Southland had been approached but shook his head and told Mr Bellew he was ''preaching to the choir''.

Meanwhile, ILT general manager Greg Mulvey told board members he expected the trust would be asked shortly to allocate further funding to the stadium development.

The Southland Times