Thieves steal puppies from SPCA

21:40, Apr 24 2013
Stolen puppies, Southland SPCA
DOGNAPPING: SPCA animal attendant Jenny MacDonald with the empty cage of a puppy which was stolen overnight on Tuesday.

The Southland SPCA is angry after two puppies were stolen from the shelter overnight on Tuesday.

Officer administrator Melissa Gibson said the thieves broke into the compound overnight on Tuesday and took a three-month-old white male labrador named Ghost and a 10-week-old staffy cross.

The staffy, named Jake, was white with black splotches and had two black eyes, one white leg and one black.

Ms Gibson said the thieves must have climbed the fence to get in and take Jake, who had been at the shelter for two weeks, and Ghost, who had been there for one.

Both puppies had homes to go to and the new owners were yesterday "dumbfounded" when contacted about the theft, she said.

Southland SPCA chairwoman Rachel Hucklebridge said the puppies were found later in the afternoon through social media and the police.

It was not the first time puppies had been stolen from the shelter, she said.

While a cat was stolen and later returned this year, a dog had not been taken in about 10 years, she said.

The theft comes a day after a german shepherd was found tied to the Southland SPCA gate confused, scared and starving and the shelter revealed it was at capacity.


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