Trust agrees to RTDs' alcohol content code

22:17, Apr 24 2013

The Invercargill Licensing Trust has agreed to adopt a policy to not sell RTDs with more than 7 per cent alcohol.

A letter from Distilled Spirits Association of New Zealand, requesting the support of the ILT for its voluntary code, was read at a trust board meeting last night.

Trust general manager Greg Mulvey said this code had not yet been implemented but the association was seeking industry support for its introduction.

One of the main issues covered by the code was to limit the production and distribution of RTDs to a maximum alcohol strength of 7 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV).

An RTD is defined as a spirit-based alcoholic beverage mixed to an ABV between 4 per cent and 14 per cent.

The trust will convey its support and willingness to adopt the code and most of its suppliers would be on board, Mr Mulvey said.


The Southland Times