Highway Cops captures the south

21:14, Jun 03 2013

Hunters from the Fiordland Big 3 competition and holiday motorists were caught on camera during the long weekend for the TV One series Highway Cops.

Freelance cameraman Andy Sim, working for Greenstone TV, spent the weekend cruising around Fiordland with Constable Dwight Grieve from the Southland highway patrol unit.

Motorists had been "pretty well" behaved, with warnings and tickets handed out for the lower end of the speeding scale, Mr Sim said.

Making the footage more interesting was the presence of plenty of Fiordland hunters carrying their trophy kills in their trucks, he said.

Highway Cops follows members of the highway patrol out of the city and into the rural heartland - the central North Island, the Tasman region and the deep south.

Filming the work of police in the south allowed the rest of New Zealand to catch a glimpse of the challenges facing southern officers but also allowed some the region's scenery and culture to be televised, Mr Sim said.


The episodes of Highway Cops featuring Mr Grieve would probably air in the next season, he said.

For Mr Grieve, being the star of Highway Cops was just another day at the office. It was the third time he had been filmed for the show while on the job.

The great thing about the show was it could reach a large audience and educate people on the dangers of speeding and other road use issues, he said.

"When I am filmed stopping one person, that action can then reach thousands of people through the medium of television."

Drivers were generally well behaved but it was disappointing to still catch those people going above the 4kmh holiday tolerance speed level, he said.

The Southland Times