What's it like to live in Southland? - survey

20:21, Jun 06 2013

Southlanders have had their say about life in the province during the month-long Our Way Southland quality of life survey.

Community outcomes regional coordinator Dr Aaron Fox said the survey, which gauged how people perceived life in the region, would provide a complete picture when combined with data from the census.

Across four weeks, survey company Carte Blanche had contacted 1560 Southlanders by telephone, he said. Topics broached included how safe Southlanders felt in their community, the cultural makeup of the region and what it was like to work in the region.

The Southland survey was modelled on the Big Cities survey, conducted in the larger New Zealand centres for about 10 years.

Although Carte Blanche had not yet collated all the data, so far it seemed people faced some challenges while living in Southland.

"One thing's the weather. We can't do anything about that in terms of . . . attracting people to live in Southland," Dr Fox said.

However, people also felt the quality of life and work-life balance in Southland was a positive, he said.

Preliminary results of the survey would be presented at a shared services meeting at the end this month, with a full report available to the public next month.


The Southland Times