One thousand art works on the move from Anderson House

Invercargill Public Art Gallery president Dave Kennedy, Southland Museum and Art Gallery manager Paul Horner and council ...

Invercargill Public Art Gallery president Dave Kennedy, Southland Museum and Art Gallery manager Paul Horner and council appointed board member Cr Lesley Soper preparing art works in Anderson House.

Art under lock and key in Anderson House for three years is on the move. 

The 1000 piece Invercargill Public Art collection is in the hands of Southland's curators, who say the move could take months. 

Invercargill Public Art Gallery president Dave Kennedy said it had taken them a while to find a new location. The art will be moved to the temporary gallery on Don St and the library archives. 

The art, which is worth $4.2m, has to move so that Anderson House can be earthquake strengthened. 

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The gallery's temporary space on Don St was on lease from the Invercargill Licensing Trust for two years, Kennedy said. 

The space, which used to be the Deka department store, connects Don St to Dee St. Kennedy said presently the gallery was only using the Don St part of the space, and the property's extension to Dee St could be used for the storage and exhibition. 

The remainder of the works would be taken to the archives space in the library, Kennedy said. 

"It's going to be a big job." 

The Southland Regional Development Strategy action plan lists the art gallery development as an immediate priority.  

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The proposed gallery would combine three collections under one roof - the Southland Museum and Art Gallery, the Southland Art Foundation Trust art collection and the Invercargill Public Art collection. 

Southland Museum and Art Gallery curator of collections Kimberley Stephenson favoured the move to combine the collections. 

"It's about expertise and realising that we're a small community and we can achieve a lot more if we work together." 

Stephenson had worked previously to shift the work of the Sarjeant gallery in Whanganui. Using a team of four, the move took 21 months to move more than 8000 items. 

"Our focus is to get this amazing collection in to conditions that will preserve them," Stephenson said. 

Invercargill Public Art Gallery acting manager Sarah Brown said the galleries were excited about working together. 

Currently, the group was working out what skills they had for the move, and where extra hands on deck may be needed. 


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