Chester's a popular winner

02:11, Jul 11 2013
Chester Rosie
Chester Rosie, of Queenstown Primary School, with his Sir Peter Blake award.

Queenstown Primary School pupil Chester Rosie, 13, was ''really humbled'' to receive the Sir Peter Blake Young Leaders Award for his school today.

Chester was a popular winner, having been elected by his peers and teachers.

He had found Sir Peter's tale inspiring and said he planned to continue doing the right thing and trying hard every day.

In the future he hoped to do similar work to Sir Peter associated with the sea and was considering marine biology as an option.

The qualities ascribed to Chester by his friends included being honest, fair, listening to others, being respectful, showing integrity, being organised, determined, a team member, hard working and knowing how to have fun.

Teacher Lynda Thomas said: ''I can always rely on Chester to do the right thing. He makes good choices with a smile and is keen to share and help.''

Chester is a keen sportsman and is involved in hockey, swimming, water polo and triathlon.

He is a house captain and has been involved in leadership programmes and the school maths extension group.


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