When emergency strikes, relief now near at hand

21:14, Aug 14 2013
Sandra Miller
Emergency Management adviser Sandra Miller with one of 200 new portable chemical toilets that have comee from Christchurch. The toilets can be used during an emergency in the region.

Southlanders caught out in an emergency will now be assured of relief with the arrival of 200 portable toilets.

Emergency Management Southland took delivery this week of 200 new portable chemical toilets which can be used in emergencies.

Emergency Management adviser Sandra Miller said they came from Christchurch, where they were surplus to requirements after the earthquakes. They will be stored by Emergency Management Southland on behalf of the Ministry of Civil Defence.

The portable toilets would be a valuable asset and enhance the region's response capability, Mrs Miller said.

"There is not a great supply of portable toilets in Southland. If we ever need some now, they are ready to go," she said.

"Previously we would have been relying on hire companies, which means there could have been serious delays in availability."

In an emergency, households that had lost their sewerage system could be provided with emergency toilets straight away, Mrs Miller said.

"During an emergency, people are the most important concern . . . they [toilets] will benefit many people."

The toilets were transported from Christchurch by Mainfreight, which donated the use of a truck, a driver and diesel to get them to Invercargill.


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