2013 local body elections: candidates

00:04, Sep 27 2013

Final candidates for the 2013 local body elections in the southern region:

MAYORALTY (1 vacancy - 3 nominations received)

BLUFF COMMUNITY BOARD (5 vacancies - 12 nominations received)

BLUFF COMMUNITY POOL TRUST BOARD (5 vacancies - 4 nominations received)



INVERCARGILL CITY COUNCIL (12 vacancies - 22 nominations received)

INVERCARGILL LICENSING TRUST (6 vacancies - 9 nominations received)

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MARARORA-WAIMEA WARD (3 Councillors needed)


Bruce James Ford, nominated by Phillip John Smith and Margaret Anne Hopkins

WAIAU-APARIMA WARD (3 Councillors needed)

WAIHOPAI-TOETOES WARD (2 Councillors needed)

WINTON-WALLACETOWN WARD (3 Councillors needed)

Environment Southland (Southland Regional Council)

FIORDLAND CONSTITUENCY (1 Councillor needed)

Ross Cockburn, nominated by Christopher Carran and John Cuttriss

EASTERN DOME CONSTITUENCY (2 Councillors needed)

HOKONUI CONSTITUENCY (1 Councillor needed)

Grant Hubber, nominated by Alister James Hall and John William Mackie Adamson Jr


SOUTHERN CONSTITUENCY (1 Councillor needed)

WESTERN CONSTITUENCY (1 Councillor needed)

Nicol Horrell, nominated by Richard John Slee, Vaughn Walter Templeton, Sally Ann Reynolds, Michelle Anne Wilson, Stephen Anthony Crack and Mark Lindsay Crawford

Southern District Health Board

Carl E Heenan, nominated by Neville John Butt and Jillian Patricia Warhurst

EDENDALE-WYNDHAM COMMUNITY BOARD - Edendale Subdivision ( 3 needed)

EDENDALE-WYNDHAM COMMUNITY BOARD - Wyndham Subdivision ( 3 needed)








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Tracy Hicks

Bevin Watt
Diane Byars

Graham Sharp

Anne Gover
Doug Grant
Bret Highsted
Ralph Beale
Graham Page
Adam Hore
Laurel Turnbull
David Ogg

Steven Boko Dixon

Peter Grant
Nicola Davis
Cliff Bolger
John Gardyne

Barbara Cunningham
Alan Taylor
Linda Sinclair
Chris Duffy

Horace McAuley

Jeff Rankin
Alan Byrne
Bryan Burgess

Brendon (Moe) Murray

Barbara MacKay
Susan Jones

Jeannine Cunningham

Jim McAllister

Todd Lyders

Gore & Districts Health

Neil Harvey
Robin M McGowan




Mayoralty candidate: Tracy Hicks

Nominators: Ian Tulloch and Patricia Anne Morris

Who I am:
Currently Mayor of Gore District, married to Robyn. A loyal Eastern Southlander for 62 years. 25 years as a retail Manager, 13 managing "The Warehouse". Community involvement has included rugby, Rotary, Lions, Civil Defence, Scouts, World Vision.

What I offer:
Thirty years Local Government experience as Councillor, Chairman and Mayor. A people first attitude with a strong desire to lead an open, unified and forward looking Council. I offer availability, fairness, energy and common sense.

Why I am standing:
To build on the positives of the district and lead a team focused on progress for all sectors of our community. Building on the present to enhance the future is my focus. I offer a quiet determined approach maximising the opportunities for all in the Gore District. Being your Mayor is both a privilege and challenge I welcome. I seek your continued support.

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Waikaka Ward Candidate: Bevin Watt

Nominators: Rosalind Anne Cole and Bruce Milne Smillie

I have devoted much of my recent years to the study and practice of the skill of good governance.

Council Priorities
Council should be concentrating on essential services and district infrastructure. To borrow money for the non essential services is, in my view quite wrong. I favour a policy for the reduction of debt except where essential services are in need of funding. Water issues feature as top priority.

Staff should be incentivised for finding better ways of doing things and helping to minimize rate increases. Anomalies in rate demands have been well highlighted to Council by Federated Farmers.

Central Governments cut-backs in funding are deplorable and I'm helping to reverse these. Our roads should be up-graded not simply maintained.

Waikaka Community
I have and will attend as many local meetings as possible, more needs to be done. I remain accessible to rate payers at all times.

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Waikaka Ward Candidate: Diane Byars

Nominators: Matthew Scott Byars and Christopher Bruce Affleck

I am married to Matthew Byars and we are dairy farmers in North Chatton.

While I have recently returned to the Gore District to my husband's family farm, I previously lived in Gore and worked as chief reporter on the Gore Ensign until moving to Invercargill to further my career in public relations.

For the last eight and a half years I have been employed by the Invercargill City Council as a Communications Advisor, working on projects including the Rugby World Cup.

I would like to use my experience in local government issues and policies for the benefit of the Waikaka and Gore community.

Issues that I feel are important include roading improvements, rates increases (prudent expenditure and lessening the impact on rural ratepayers) and good communication with ratepayers. Good things are happening already and I would like to play a positive part making things better for our community.

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Kaiwera-Waimumu Ward candidate: Graham Sharp

Nominators: Garth James Shanks and Ronald Angus McDonald

My second term as your councillor for Kaiwera and Waimumu has gone by quickly. It is a strange job, sometimes frustrating, sometimes rewarding, sometimes slow and occasionally quick.

By comparison as a farmer I make things happen quickly and on time and my way. Democracy simply means that what one thinks should happen very rarely does.

It is a privilege to be able to represent ratepayers at Council meetings and I take that responsibility seriously. I share many people's concerns about Council's steadily rising debt and will continue to voice my concern. We ought to be more disciplined about repayment on all our loans. Amalgamation of Councils is a big issue on the horizon, especially if National gets back in. One "Auckland Council" saved the ratepayers about $124 million.

For better or for worse changes in rural NZ are coming.

I respectfully ask for your support again.

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Gore Ward candidate: Anne Gover

Nominators: Neil Allison Harvey and Alison Maree Gentle

I have lived in Gore since 1971 when my husband, Keith, began teaching at Gore High School.

Our three children were born in Gore and I helped start Oxford Kindergarten as well as supporting our children during their school years with their sporting and cultural interests.

I taught at East Gore and West Gore Schools as Deputy Principal before moving to Tapanui School as Principal from 2000 - 2010.

In the 2008 Queens Birthday Honours I was made a Member of The NZ Order of Merit [MNZM] for services to education.

I am involved in the Anglican Church as a Lay Minister, Vestry member, Synod Representative and am on the Diocesan Council.

As a member of Gore Soroptimist Club many of our projects have benefited the local community.

Having served one term on the Council I would like your support so that I can represent you effectively for another term.

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Gore Ward candidate: Doug Grant

Nominators: Ivan Van de Water and Nigel John Moore

With my wife Denise, we own Paper Plus Gore. I was born in Mataura and educated at Mataura, Longford and Gore High Schools.

I left the area in 1986 and travelled NZ and Australia extensively through jobs in tourism. After a 3 year O.E. to Europe, I returned to NZ to continue in tourism management.

Presently I am Immediate Past Chairman of Eastern Southland Chamber of Commerce and Gore's newest District Councillor. I was elected in a By-Election 18 months ago.

I would be honoured to stand again for the Gore Ward. I'm only just getting my "feet under the table" so to speak. There is a huge amount to learn about local politics, and I feel I can contribute on your behalf, through clear communication and good old-fashioned common sense.

So please return a yes vote for Doug Grant, Gore Ward. Thank you.

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Gore Ward candidate: Bret Highsted

Nominators: Brendon Kenneth Harrex and Stephen Alan Coyle

Elected to Council in 2007 & have served 2 terms, latterly as Chairman Regulatory & Planning Committee.

4th generation local, Aged 44 married to Nicky with 4 school children.

Extensive background in Finance & Business Management. Work as a Chief Financial Controller (between meetings). Professional Director of Invest South, Back Country Foods & Benmore Salmon along with Gore Health Ltd which runs our Hospital.

I believe I demonstrate teamwork, sound judgement, business acumen, leadership, common sense, integrity and a positive contribution to finding solutions. I am committed to making a difference/passionate about the opportunities for the District and would value the opportunity to serve the people of the Gore District for a further term.

Our Council focus needs to remain on core business, addressing infrastructure & providing value to our ratepayers. We must continue to look for opportunities to progress our District, especially in areas that will provide employment.

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Gore Ward candidate: Ralph Beale

Nominators: Drewe McLaughlan Carran and Bronwyn Anne Reid

59 yr old timber depot manager. Married to Dianne, one adult daughter, Tania.

Seeking re-election for 3rd term on council. Member of following committees:

Waste water / Stormwater Strategy Party.

Water Working Party.

A & P / GDC joint Management.

Hokonui Moonshine Museum Trustee.

I am mindful of our aged population on fixed income and containing our rates to affordable levels. Amalgamation with other authorities may happen in the future and if Gore becomes the administration centre, only then would I consider a major upgrade of the Civic building.

The Wastewater/Stormwater Strategy committee is well advanced in important planning and design options to service South & West Gore for the next 50 yrs and allow further residential development. This is a major project as is our on going new water source and quality projects. I am committed to serving the Gore District and available to all ratepayers.

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Gore Ward candidate: Graham Page

Nominators: Neil McKinley Pritchard and Warren Ivan Aitken

I am a recently retired Chartered Accountant having practised in Gore as senior partner with Malloch McClean since my wife Pauline and I moved here in 1975.

We have 3 daughters and 5 grandsons.

During my time as a Chartered Accountant I acted for many small to intermediate businesses and farmers in the area. At present I am a Director of Gore Health Ltd which is responsible for running the Gore Hospital, Gore Health Ltd and Birch Lane Dental. I am also a executive member of Ice Sport Southland and trustee for numerous Family Trusts.

I have also been involved with education and was Chairman of the Board of St Peters Collage for some years.

If elected my concerns and interests will include encouraging young families to come/remain in our area and to help minimise any rate increases.

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Gore Ward candidate: Adam Hore

Nominators: Ronald Stanley John Hargest and Peter Mitchell Thompson

45 years young machinery mechanic, happily living with fiancé Merryl and step daughters Hannah and Becky.

Merryl and I are keen motorcyclists and get away for a ride as often as possible. I have lived in the Gore district for 19 years and love this place and its people with a passion.

If elected I will do my very best to ease the burden on rate payers. Some impressive projects have been undertaken in our town. They are something to be proud of, however, now is the time to stop needless spending. It is time to focus on essential services and reduce the debt burden and give back to the community.

I may be just one voice, but I promise you I will be heard. I will not be deterred in my efforts to make this community a less expensive place to live.

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Gore Ward candidate: Laurel Turnbull

Nominators: Leeanne Turnbull and Terence Harold Moore

Over the past 3 years people have come to me, not realising I was not on the council, with concerns about issues affecting our community.

Therefore, having been approached about standing again this year, after much consideration I have decided to let my name go forward for the vacancy on the Gore ward.

Having family and friends living working and going to school in Gore, and myself being involved on several committees there it is as much a part of my life as Mataura and we are one in every way except for voting. Therefore, if elected, I can assure you all that I will work as hard for Gore as I have for Mataura and do my utmost to make sure decisions made around the table are to the benefit not detriment of our community.

Together we can go further.

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Gore Ward candidate: David Ogg

Nominators: Lynda Joan Wairepo and Ronald Stanley John Hargest

Standing with the aim to stop frivolous spending, and endeavour to hold or reduce rates.

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Mataura Ward candidate: Steven Boko Dixon

Nominators: Christian Duffy and Phillipa Young

I am born and bred in Mataura.

A person who has a passion for the people and welfare of this community.

I have had the privilege of representing you as your ward member for the last 3 years.

I am asking for your support so I can continue to stand up for the rights of the people of this community.

Like you I have a dislike for hefty rate increases.

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District Wide Ward Candidate: Peter Grant

Nominators: Gabriel Anthony Farry and Noel James Hartstonge

I Peter Grant offer myself for re-election for my third term and consider some of the challenges facing the incoming council.

The three waters, potable, storm and waste, will always be work in progress for council.

Roading will always be a big ticket item, and faces new challenges with the reduced funding from central government.

With the changing face of our community it is pleasing to see some funding secured for migrant services. lt never ceases to amaze me the number of people who want to see rates come down, and in the next breath they ask for increased services, meaning the likelyhood of rates going down are very remote.

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District Wide Ward candidate: Nicola Davis

Nominators: Nigel John Moore and Evelyn Ann Sadlier

Raised in Gore, age: 47. Married to John, with two teenagers. We own Southern Office Products Depot, in Gore.

Having spent all my life here, I am passionate about our District.

I have served on Council for 12 years, and as a Chairperson for the past 9 years.

For our Council, Water- both supply and quality, will be topical in the next few years, as we focus on the challenge around this vital infrastructure. Planned works will be necessary to provide for the community in the short term, and into the future.

The last 3 years on Council has been a time of careful planning for the future, and I believe we have had a good cross section of skill sets with the Councillors during this time.

I would gladly continue to serve the community for another term, should I be re-elected. Thank you.

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District Wide Candidate: John Gardyne

Nominators: Thomas Logan Affleck and Andrew David Morrison

After being a regular submitter to the Council for many years on Annual and Long Term planning issues I am committing to the challenge of representing both urban and rural people in the District Wide Ward.

I believe that for the good of our district in the future Council needs to:

Reduce its projected level of debt, and adhere to a programme of debt repayment so that interest costs are reduced

Give better accountability to ratepayers on capital expenditure items.

Give greater focus to the agricultural industry that our district is based on, and optimise the opportunities that this industry brings to both our urban and rural people.

Maintain core assets and services in a sustainable and equitable manner.

My wife Jo and I farm at North Chatton and I have had a wide involvement with various farming related organisations and the local church.

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District Wide Ward candidate: Cliff Bolger

Nominators: Michael Francis O'Neill and Duncan Matthew McLeod

58 years old and farming near Mataura.

I am Deputy Mayor and have been Chairman of the Finance and Policy Committee for some time, I was the previous Chair of the Regulatory and Planning Committee, I am council representitive on The Venture Southland board and representitive on the Wastenet joint committee, I am a Resource Management Act consent hearing commissioner.

If elected I will support a conservative approach to debt and financial management, ensuring services are provided, maintained and improved at best possible cost and see the district progress in a measured and affordable manner.

The immediate priorities are water supply for Gore and Mataura and waste and storm water disposal in Gore.

I want to see the roading network continue to get sufficient funding to maintain the present level of service and improve the quality and capacity of the network over time.

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Mataura Community Board candidate: Barbara Cunningham

Nominators: Douglas Arthur John King and John Taipari Hape

I have been living in Mataura for 34 years. Our four children all attended Mataura Playcentre, and Primary School before travelling to Gore for intermediate and secondary schooling.

I worked as a midwife at Gore Hospital for 23 years and since then have been actively involved in several community groups. All these things would not be possible without the help of John and the many townsfolk who have the same dreams as we do for our town.

Mataura is a great town and I would very much like to see us all work together for the betterment of the town for us, our children and our grandchildren. I will do all I can to achieve this if elected. Having been a year on the Community Board I feel I am just beginning to come to understand how these things work and would like to build on this.

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Mataura Community Board candidate: Alan Taylor

Nominators: Bruce Thomas McDonough and Judith Maisie Keno

My wife Jennifer and I farm close to the Mataura township, and operate other small business interests in the town. I believe there are opportunities to bring positive change to the town and it's people, and am committed to make a difference, striving for a new future for our community.

I have appreciated working together this past term with all those involved, on various projects, and in achieving set goals.

There maybe some things we cannot change, yet I am confident there is much we can do to make a more welcoming environment - a place where people will want to live and work, raise a family, or simply enjoy retirement.

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Mataura Community Board candidate: Linda Sinclair

Nominators: Shona Alice Margaret Kirby and Quintin John Mantell

I am married to Craig. We have four adult children, 1 granddaughter.

I am a Life member of the Mataura Rugby Football club, I also hold the treasurers position which I have done for a number of years.

I am on the committee of New Zealand Gold Guitars Awards, and this year I took on the role of sponsorship.

I continue to do community patrol monthly.

I have served a 3 year term on the Mataura Community Board. It has been a real learning curve and an enjoyable and rewarding challenge for me. I feel I now understand a lot more about our community and its needs.

I would like to have the chance to complete some of the tasks that the community board have started. We as a Community Board have achieved some great goals within our term, but have so much more to contribute to our community.

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Mataura Community Board candidate: Chris Duffy

Nominators: Jennifer Leigh and Brendon Dean Murray

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MLT Tapanui Ward candidate: Horace McAuley

Nominators: Andrea Kaye McKee and Barbara Anne Hanna

Current Employment:
Postal / Courier Contractor

Community Positions Held:

Chairman Tapanui West Otago Promotions

Secretary West Otago

Returned and Services Association (16 years)

Secretary West Otago RSA Club (25 years)

Director DB South Island Breweries

Director The Trust Community Foundation

Chairperson Cavalcade Host Town Committee 2013

Justice of the Peace

Mataura Licensing Trust Board Member (2007)

Mataura Licensing Trust President (Current)

During the past 3 years the Mataura Licensing Trust, together with The Trust Community Foundation, has financially supported individuals, schools, sporting and other community groups in its West Otago area, on average, to the sum of approximately $60000.00 per annum.

It is a special privilege to be your current representative and a greater honour to have been elected as Board President in 2010.

If re-elected, I will continue to represent this area to the very best of my ability and with the same drive and enthusiasm.

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MLT Gore Ward candidate: Jeff Rankin

Nominators: Alexander John Keith and Gary Raymond Adair

The publicly owned Mataura Licensing Trust concept has always appealed to me, hence my reason for standing for another term.

I am grateful of the support I have received over the years from the community.

The business and financial aspects of the Trust I find very interesting and thanks to prudent management, the trust has a substantial debt free financial base.

Management and staff are the cash generators of the Trusts core business, and I fully support them.

Communication with other organisations is very important.

I am married to Dianne, have 4 adult daughters and have owned and operated mixed farms.

I was employed for 33 years at Mataura Paper Mills, starting in the process section and retiring as General Manager.

Over the years I have been on various committees and have served the community for 16 years as a Justice of the Peace.

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MLT Gore Ward candidate: Alan Byrne

Nominators: Donald William McDougall and Drewe McLaughlan Carran

55 years young, married, 2 children, 5 grandchildren.

I am a great believer in what YOUR trust has done for our community.

I have served on the MLT board for the past 16 years and am thankful for your support and I offer my experience for re-election.

I managed Firestone Gore for over 32 years, I am the Country show host on our local Hokonui Radio, Thomas Green, a completed plan of the Board with plans for other outlets to follow. I would like to follow them through.

The structure that is YOUR Licensing Trust is what has helped our community for over 58 years. Arts, sports, health, education and many other areas have helped all people in our trust area.

I have experience, honesty and integrity to offer, I would again like the chance to help make our Trust bigger and better.

Please exercise your right and vote.

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MLT Gore Ward Candidate: Bryan Burgess

Nominators: Amanda Inder and Colin Robert Sharp

I'm passionate about Gore and believe that I have the attributes and integrity to be an asset on The MLT board.

I am a 53 year old business owner, married with two children. Born and bred in Gore and have immersed myself in numerous associations over the years.

I have a strong affiliation with many sporting clubs and codes, which makes me a team player who is prepared to put in the hard graft to get results for community projects and fund raising initiatives.

Having spent a great deal of time playing sport, and being a professional fishing guide on our local rivers I value. I am a strong advocate for the wonderful resources and facilities we have on our back door.

If I am successful in my endeavours of being voted onto the MLT, you can be assured I will be forever diligent and focussed on supporting our community.

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MLT Mataura Ward candidate: Brendon (Moe) Murray

Nominators: Craig Russell Sinclair and Warren John Beattie

I have lived in the Mataura District all my life. I am 34 years old and married with 3 young children. I am the manager of a small engineering firm in Gore. I am currently an active member of the Mataura Fire Brigade and have done over 16 years in service.

I would like to see the Mataura Licensing Trust build on what it has done for the community over the past 58 years.

So with your support in re-electing myself to the board we, the community, can keep moving forward into the future.

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MLT Rural Ward candidate: Barbara MacKay

Nominators: Kenneth Clive Moseby and Aron Glyn Perkins

With a strong Board and Management team the Mataura Licensing Trust has continued to grow over the last three years.

During this time the "Thomas Green" has been opened, "Howl at the Moon" updated and "Heartland Hotel's " refurbishment, Stage II will be completed this year.

Major projects undertaken, include funding Swimming lessons for all school pupils, completing Whiteboards in Schools, hosting Christmas Dinners for over 800 Senior Citizens, as well as being major sponsors for the Moonshine Festival, Songwriters' original Songs and "Tui" Awards, Hokonui Fashion Awards and Southern Shears.

Healthy profits have been returned to the M.L.T. area through the Education, Welfare, Cultural, Arts, Heritage and Sporting sectors of the community.

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MLT Rural Ward candidate: Susan Jones

Nominators: Melissa Jane King and Ewen Robert Whitefield

As a long-standing, loyal Eastern Southland resident, I offer the following attributes for your vote:

A professional, credible and common sense approach.

A strong desire for the Trust to provide sustained excellence in customer service.

Transparency and improved communication to the community.

A focus on young people; offering as many opportunities as possible to enhance their future prospects.

I have a keen interest in sport, education, health and the arts as well as supporting volunteers who work tirelessly for the benefit of many.

An aspiration to explore a modern approach to future representation.

The Trust benefits the community which I believe needs to be better informed of its vision. Whilst legally obligated to distribute funds to the community, the Trust must be vigilant with its expenditure.

With significant changes imminent to the Sale of Liquor Act, the Trust will need to adapt its operations to successfully implement these.

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MLT Edendale Ward candidate: Jeannine Cunningham

Nominators: David James Charles McKenzie and Bruce Henry Sinclair

Jeannine Cunningham, an existing board member of the Mataura Licensing Trust seeking re-election to once again represent Ward 5. I live in the Edendale township with my husband Mike and son Brody, amongst the grass roots of our community.

The MLT is a valuably community-owned asset which provides much needed funding and support in many areas throughout our wards. There are new challenges ahead and experienced board members are better equipped to deal with these.

My skills come from a variety of board experience and have enabled me to offer consistency in all decision-making whiel continually thinking strategically and evaluating the outcomes. I will continue to ask the hard questions because someone has to.

It's about community... if elected I will promote transparency and listen and respect our community's views to ensure a strong future for the MLT and its charitable work and support amongst our communities.

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MLT Ward 6 candidate: Jim McAllister

Nominators: James Walker and John William Alan Wright

I am the current member for Ward 6 in the Licensing Trust and wish to seek your vote for Re-election.

I have resided in Wyndham for the last 39 years and have always played an active part in the community. I have a great local knowledge of the areas needs and requirements, which can be supported by the MLT. If re-elected I will continue to represent our local community with Integrity.

The Trust has been a strong supporter of Local organisations for over 58 years. I am a strong believer in the benefits that the MLT brings to your district, so would stress on every voter to exercise their right to vote and show an interest in your trust.

I am a recent widower with 3 adult children and 7 grandchildren. I enjoy spending time with family and supporting them in their varied pursuits.

Thank you for your support.

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MLT Ward 7 candidate: Todd Lyders

Nominators: David Allan Strang and Brian Alexander Dermody

My name is Peter (Todd) Lyders, I am a 49 year old fifth generation farmer from Tokanui where I live with my fiancee Serena. We have five teenage children Mikaere 19, Mollie 19, Jack 17, Taamati 16 and Lincoln 15, three of which are still at home.

I am a community involved person who is active in St Johns, Tokanui Rugby Club, Search and Rescue, Scouts, Community Development Area (CD A) and a range of other community projects when they arise.

I have enjoyed my first term on the board which I see as serving my community in a different capacity. I am seeking re-election to continue realising potential benefits to the community in which my family and I live.

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Gore Ward candidate: Neil Harvey

Having served one term on Gore Health Inc I believe that I can continue to be an effective member of a smooth functioning board for the next term.

Gore Health Inc is the owner of the hospital on behalf of the Gore community. As trustees for the community trustees should provide secure financing, and the maintenance of our wonderful facility.

With a knowledge of board procedures I believe that I can help ensure Gore Health Inc operates in a business like manner.


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Gore Ward candidate: Robin M McGowan

I have lived near Mataura all my life. I am 59, married to Sue, and we have two adult children. I am employed at Alliance Group's Mataura plant.

I respectfully seek your support in the upcoming elections for a further term with Gore and Districts Health Incorporated Society.

The incorporated society is the sole shareholder of your wholly-owned company, Gore Health Ltd. As such our main roles have been to:

appoint the directors of Gore Health Ltd and ensure the services provided are meeting public expectation

ensure that your hospital and its equipment are well maintained

support the innovation of Gore Health Ltd, directors, management and staff in providing additional services over and above those required by the DHB for a community our size.

Examples include the General Practice, the Dental Practice, and more recently the establishment of a community owned and operated Centre for Rural Development including Healthcare Robotics.

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Eastern-Dome Constituency – two Councillors

Fiordland Constituency – one Councillor

Ross Cockburn

Hokonui Constituency – one Councillor

Grant Hubber

Southern Constituency – one Councillor

Western Constituency – one Councillor

Nicol Horrell

Invercargill-Rakiura Constituency – six Councillors

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WANAKA WARD (3 vacancies)


ARROWTOWN WARD (1 vacancy)

Perkins, Lex

CENTRAL OTAGO HEALTH Inc (1 vacancy - Wanaka Ward)

Kane, Dick

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Election of THREE Councillors for the Cromwell Ward

Election of TWO Councillors for the Earnscleugh-Manuherikia Ward

Election of ONE Councillor for the Teviot Valley Ward – No election

Election of ONE Councillor for the Maniototo Ward

Election of THREE Councillors for the Alexandra Ward


Election of FOUR members for the Cromwell Community Board

Election of FOUR members for the Maniototo Community Board – no election

Election of FOUR members for the Teviot Valley Community Board – no election

Election of THREE members for the Vincent Community Board – Alexandra Ward

Election of TWO members for the Vincent Community Board – Earns/Manu Ward


Election of ONE Member for the Teviot Valley Ward

Election of ONE Member for the Cromwell Ward

Election of ONE Member for the Earnscleugh-Manuherikia Ward

Election of ONE Member for the Alexandra Ward

No Candidates – Central Otago Health Inc to appoint.

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