OPINION: Watching Netflix and staying in PJs all day is ok

Why spend weekends with actual people when I can live vicariously through rich Upper East Siders?

Why spend weekends with actual people when I can live vicariously through rich Upper East Siders?

OPINION: When I was at high school, a lot of teachers would tell students to cherish this time we were in, because we would never have this much free time or uncomplicated life situations to deal with ever again.

We didn't believe them.

At the time, the silent treatment war raging between best friends - because one told the other her new cut and colour looked crap - was pretty damn dramatic, and there was absolutely nothing that could trump the depravity of the situation.

Now, I guarantee you that while none of us would want to go back to high school, we're all thinking the teachers were right.

Life was pretty simple back then, and now I have a job and adulting is hard.

Which leads me to this week's topic: indulging in your guilty pleasures.

Im moderation, of course.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's a good idea to just not go to work because you don't feel like it, because that will get you fired.

Don't do that.

However, Sundays are fair game.

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Unless you work on a Sunday. Don't just not show up, because that will get you fired.

Don't do that.

Earlier this week upon departure from work, a colleague told me to go out with a friend, have a cider and enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

Now, there's nothing offensive about this, but when I told said colleague I was probably just going to go home and have an early night, she seemed perturbed by this.

But it's nice and sunny, go and enjoy it, she said.

I don't hate sunshine by any means, but I hadn't been feeling well that week and I was tired.

So you know what I did? Went home and watched reruns of Gossip Girl. In bed with popcorn.

Did I feel bad? Not in the slightest.

But it got me thinking, why should there be an expectation that I have to go out and have a cider with my friend?

"This is why you complain about not having a boyfriend," she said.


Because I don't have children whom I have to lead by example, Imma tell you this: sometimes, watching binge-watching your favourite television show and not getting dressed is ok once in a while.

Being a hermit, in moderation, is ok and quite frankly, sometimes you need that as a mental health day.

Sometimes I ask myself: do I feel like interacting with fellow humans today? Nope.

While I'm not one for running away from my problems or pretending issues don't exist, there's something to be said for spending a Sunday doing a whole heck of not a lot, if that's your thing.

Invest in your mental health, because it's worth it.

Have a good rant sesh with your bestie over a few glasses of wine: justified.

Staying in bed all day on Sunday watching Netflix and not bothering to get dressed: also justified.

Don't let people shame you about your guilty pleasures because in times of feeling "meh" retreating into one's own personal safe haven is not a bad thing.​

So, next Tuesday night, don't go out. Or do.

You all know where I'll be.

XOXO, Babs​.

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