Celebrating 40 years of floral art in Central Southland

Central Southland Floral Art club members Paula Wilson, Robyn Gill, Dorothy King and president Anna King in front of a ...

Central Southland Floral Art club members Paula Wilson, Robyn Gill, Dorothy King and president Anna King in front of a display which all of their 30 club members had a hand in.

Forty years of floral art has been celebrated in Winton with a display of creative talent by the Central Southland Floral Art Club.

The Petal Power exhibition had work from 30 members on show, with the 200 creations the culmination of a year's work, club president Anna King said.

"We have been celebrating all year with various events and activities, and our final finale is this exciting exhibition."

Throughout the year club night's had focussed on learning contemporary design concepts and techniques that had been trending overseas.

"The results of these workshops form the basis for our exhibition."

Members were challenged to take their designs to a new level and the results had been quite spectacular, she said, with titles such as Spiked for Attention, Nail It, Wireworks Parasols and Shape Up, reflecting the unique creations that had transpired.

"Sticks, wool, string, burls, wire, nails, concrete – you name it – it's probably here."

The flexibility of the materials used, combined with texture and colour made them ideal to build with, she said.

"A floral design can be made with just flowers alone in a basic container, or the design can be a combination of a reusable hand built structure and flowers."

The hand-made structure was often an integral part of the final design.

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"Building a floral art structure offers many possibilities and is a true investment of your time, skills and craftsmanship.

"Floral art is not just about flowers and plant material - it is about showcasing your artistry and making sure that people understand the value of this artistry."

Opened on Thursday night, the exhibition also included a demonstration by contemporary designer Shirley Russ, of North Canterbury.

Celebrations for the club's 40th birthday had begun 12 months ago when International Floral designer Irene Brockwell gave a demonstration and workshops.

The club then formally marked 40 years with an anniversary dinner in November, when 68 past and present members attended.

"Many memories were shared during the night, along with a photo slide show and DVD titled 40 years of floral art – the people, designs and events that have made our club." 

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