Procter: Our new blood will be oldies

Brent Procter
Brent Procter

Obscenities aside, Brent Procter will stand for re-election on the Bluff Community Board.

The past three years have been a tumultuous journey for the board but Mr Proctor says Bluff is at point where it must redefine its identity.

"Little old Bluff is having to redefine itself, I've seen the town go through many transitions and metamorphoses," Mr Procter said.

The low cost of housing and lifestyle are attractive features for Bluff which Mr Procter intends to drive.

"The new blood for Bluff is not the young people, but the old people who are cashed up and not only buying housing but investing in business," Mr Procter said.

"They are our future."

"These newcomers can bring a new attitude and culture to Bluff which would be impossible to cultivate on our own."

Mr Procter, also the local caretaker of Bluff Caravan Park, has been pushing plans to have Invercargill City Council lease the property.

He plans to boost tourism in the area by capturing people passing through on their way to Stewart Island. "We get a huge number of campervans coming along Marine Parade but we need to find a way to hold them here.

"Making Bluff a stop place for tourists heading to Stewart Island or beyond is critical to boosting our economic activity," Mr Procter said.

But he said the town needed to redefine itself by building community engagement.

"I would like to start a radio station here, which gets people talking and listening to it.

"We don't have a point of focus. If we are to change that, we need to get people inter-relating again."

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