New lawyer thanks mum for idea

17:00, Aug 27 2013

Mum got a special mention when former law student Scott Donaldson was formally admitted to the bar in the High Court at Invercargill yesterday.

In an official ceremony, Justice Graham Pankhurst admitted Mr Donaldson, a former James Hargest College student, to the bar and congratulated him.

Mr Donaldson, 30, thanked his girlfriend and family during the presentation, but "especially" his mother, Joan, who gave him the initial idea of going to law school.

He was working as a marketing manager in Australia in his mid-20s, but decided to change his career course, as he wanted to help people with their legal problems. Five years of study at Victoria University in Wellington resulted in Mr Donaldson gaining a law degree.

Now working for a liquidator in Wellington, Mr Donaldson, who also has a degree in philosophy, told Justice Pankhurst the idea of moving to Invercargill to work as a lawyer was gaining traction.

Justice Pankhurst indicated it would be a good move, saying there was nothing better than starting off a career in law in a provincial centre because it gave young lawyers exposure to all avenues of the profession.

The job was "taxing but rewarding, with lawyers often dealing with people who were vulnerable and needing help".


The Southland Times