Millions spread over 11 precincts in upgrade

21:42, Aug 28 2013

The breakdown of costs for Invercargill's $12.195 million inner-city upgrade can now be revealed after a councillor demanded they be removed from the public-excluded part of the council meeting on Tuesday.

Cr Lindsay Thomas' demands were seconded by inner-city upgrade working group boss and city councillor Norman Elder, who backed down on his stance that the figures were commercially sensitive.

The figures revealed how much each precinct is expected to cost, though Cr Elder said the estimates were not final.

Precinct one, which includes changing the Dee and Esk streets intersection, removing the art columns in Wachner Place and coach and campervan parking on Leven St, is estimated to cost $2,659,000.

Cr Elder said that despite it being the first precinct, the council could choose to start on a smaller and cheaper project this year.

The council allocated $1.4m towards the upgrade in this year's annual plan.


The council would set up a project group made up of engineers and inner-city working group members to carry the upgrade through and put the stages out to tender, Cr Elder said.

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt said that realistically the next council could change its mind on the upgrade and halt the whole process. That was the beauty of democracy, he said.

However, Cr Elder said the upgrade would be value for money and he was disappointed in the councillors who had voted against the adoption of the plan.

Cr Thomas said he was still concerned about the costs of the project and believed they would rise to in excess of $16m.

PRECINCT 1: $2,659,000
Dee and Tay streets single laning (one lane on each side of the two streets, in the CBD area, instead of two lanes on each side) [main works].

PRECINCT 2: $827,000
Esk St, between Dee and Kelvin [main works].

PRECINCT 3: $2,726,000
Bowling green on Esk St [main works excluding possible new building at corner of Tay and Deveron streets].

PRECINCT 4: $534,000
Market space in current carpark opposite ICC civic building on Esk St [main works excluding internal architecture changes to the Scottish Hall].

PRECINCT 5: $1,365,000
Dee and Tay streets streetscape [main works].

PRECINCT 6: $866,000
Don St two-waying [main works].

PRECINCT 7: $277,000
Kelvin St, between Don St and Esk St [main works]

PRECINCT 8: $107,000
Connection to green belt on outskirts of city centre, including Otepuni Park and Queens Park [main works].

PRECINCT 9: $484,000
Esk and Kelvin streets, between Esk and Tay; and ICC building alteration [main works].

PRECINCT 10: $1,200,000
Wachner Pl [main works, excluding new building at the west end of the space].

PRECINCT 11: $1,150,000
Wood Street Park [main works].

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