Protest marks first anniversary

02:00, Aug 29 2013
Anti-abortion protesters
Anti-abortion protesters outside Southland Hospital this morning.

Members of several Southland churches congregated on the lawn outside Southland Hospital's abortion clinic in a silent vigil to mark its first anniversary today.

Led by Father Vaughan Leslie, 25 people silently carried signs saying "I'm a child, not a choice".

Father Vaughan said the group congregates every Thursday from 11am until noon to highlight their beliefs.

At the driveway to the hospital today there were three people carrying signs supporting the clinic and a woman's right to choose.

Rachael Goldsmith, who also protests every week to raise awareness for the clinic, said people don't feel comfortable protesting on the street about this but there is a lot of support for the clinic.

"People coming out of the clinic often stop and talk to us, say they support us," she said.

The pro-choice activists plans to give chocolates and a card to the clinic as a thank you from the 271 woman who have used the clinic's services.


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