Woman dragged to safety by hair

00:18, Sep 02 2013
Southland Times photo
Firefighters were called to this Tweed St house in Invercargill early this morning.

A woman was dragged from her house by her hair this morning, after a fire broke out in her Tweed St, Invercargill, house.

The fire service was called to the house about 12.40am.

James Tipuna, who also lives at the house, said the fire started after the woman took her dressing gown off and dropped it onto a fan heater.

''She had put the heater on but she threw her dressing gown on it and it caught the whole room on fire.''

The woman then had to be dragged by her hair onto the front lawn, he said.

Fire communications shift manager Brent Dunn said three appliances attended the scene but it was ''a very short job''.

Two people needed to be treated for smoke inhalation and one was taken to hospital, he said.


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