Nose out of joint over no repairs

20:31, Sep 02 2013
Earl Jellicoe
SAVE FACE: The statue of Earl Jellicoe, beside the Invercargill cenotaph, will remain nose-less for the immediate future.

A war hero who lost his nose to vandalism will remain disfigured for the forseeable future, the Invercargill City Council says.

A statue of Earl John Jellicoe, located beside the Invercargill cenotaph between Victoria Ave and Gala St, has been without a nose for at least five years, but council parks manager Robin Pagan said the council had no plans to fix the botched nose job.

Jellicoe served as governor-general of New Zealand from 1920 to 1924 and Commander-in-Chief of the British Royal Navy Grand Fleet during World War I.

Manapouri resident Mervyn Cave contacted The Southland Times yesterday about Jellicoe's broken nose, concerned the statue would not be restored before the 2018 centennial commemorations marking the end of World War I.

Mr Cave first noticed the statue was missing its "good-sized snozzle" about five years ago, while waiting for his wife at the dentist.

He inspected the statue a week ago and was dismayed to find the nose still broken. "I thought, hang on, the damn thing's still like that . . . it should be fixed up. I think it's a bit disappointing, really."

He suggested some of the CBD upgrade funding could be used to pay for Jellicoe's rhinoplasty, ensuring the statue would be ready for the Gallipoli and armistice centennial commemoration.

However, Mr Pagan said while the council was aware of the damage, which had happened more than five years ago, there were no immediate plans to restore the nose. The statue was made of marble, which made it difficult and expensive to permanently repair.

He was unsure how much a replacement nose would cost, but said the statue was no longer defined as part of the CBD so could not be included in the upgrade plans.


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