Water mapping needs more cash

Venture Southland will approach stakeholders for $3.55 million to advance the province's water-mapping project.

The committee released an initial $10,000 for the project in March, but was told yesterday the initial funding model would need to be reviewed.

Venture Southland enterprise and strategic projects group manager Steve Canny said the required funds would be 0.00355 per cent of the district's exports revenue.

"$4.2 billion of Southland's exports relate to the primary sector, this project would require $1.775 million per year for two years," Mr Canny said.

"This plan is vital for us in developing a long-term understanding of our aquifer systems."

The lack of good ground water knowledge was undermining investment confidence involving long term decisions in agricultural industries and portable water supplies, he said.

However, it is unknown where the remaining funds for the $3.55m project would be found.

Venture believed mapping ground water in the district would make it easier for investors to determine long-term plans for both mining and agriculture.

The proposed 3-D water mapping and geological model would also look at the potential for mineral extraction.

The Southland Times