Queenstown police investigate theft

The theft of a woman's jacket and bag was reported to Queenstown police at 2am. 

The woman is reported to have put the items down on some steps near the Queenstown Recreational Grounds, then left them unattended while she left the immediate vicinity with a male friend.

When they returned five minutes later, the items were gone. 

Senior Constable Chris Blackford, of Queenstown police, said while there might have been some light hearted speculation about what the couple might have been up to, and how long it took, investigating the alleged theft was the sole police focus.

* Police intercepted a 22-year-old Invercargill man at Queenstown Airport when he returned from Australia about 4pm yesterday afternoon. The man had left for Australia from Dunedin Airport, where CCTV cameras recorded him stealing a mobile phone, police said. Mr Blackford said the incident had been referred to Dunedin police.

* A motorist was stopped by police in Beach St after he allegedly made a verbal threat to a parking warden who issued his vehicle with a parking infringement ticket earlier yesterday afternoon. Mr Blackford said inquiries were continuing.

The Southland Times