Stock cause problems on roads

23:25, Sep 18 2013

Police have been called to two separate incidents involving stock on the roads.

Southern Police Communications shift commander Alan Weston said police were called to State Highway 97 at Five Rivers, near the State Highway 6 turnoff, about 8.30am. 

Someone on a bus had called after ''almost'' hitting a cow, he said.

Animal control, police and a highway patrol unit attended.

Southland District Council manager environmental health Michael Sarfaiti said a ranger was sent to investigate the incident but found no wandering stock on the road.

Police notified the council of a bus that ''apparently had to swerve'' to miss stock, he said. No details were available on the bus.

There were ''plenty'' of people around so if there was stock on the road it would have been taken off the road promptly, Mr Sarfaiti said.

In Queenstown, police were called to reports of a horse on Hogans Gully Rd at 7am.

Mr Weston said animal control had attended the Queenstown incident.


The Southland Times