Phone app helps farmers spread poo

00:18, Oct 01 2013
DairyNZ effluent spreading app.
SPREADING IT: DairyNZ effluent spreading app.

DairyNZ has released a new smart phone app that will help farmers and contractors measure how much effluent to spread on paddocks.

The app provides information about nutrient application rates which allows users to apply effluent more efficiently.

DairyNZ Southland environmental extension specialist Nicholas Tait said the company had been developing the app for a number of months.

"Essentially, it's the smartphone edition of our farm dairy effluent spreading calculator which has been out on our website for a year now," Mr Tait said.

The web calculator was widely used in the industry throughout the country, he said.

There are two calculators in the app, a quick calculator and an advanced calculator.


The quick calculator is designed for spray irrigation systems such as travelling irrigators or sprinklers.

The advanced calculator is for larger effluent applications, such as slurry trucks or muck spreaders.

DairyNZ sustainability team leader Theresa Wilson said: "It is important to ensure that the area of effluent application is appropriate for the amounts of nutrient being applied, which is where the app comes in."

The app, which was a first for DairyNZ was released on September 12 and is available for both Android and iPhone.

* Nicole Sharp is a SIT journalism student.

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