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Last updated 15:52 12/10/2013

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There were no major surprises in the mayoral races of this year's local body elections.

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The comeback kids included Vanessa van Uden (Queenstown District), Tony Lepper (Central Otago), Bryan Cadogan (Clutha District), Tracy Hicks (Gore District) and Tim Shadbolt (Invercargill).

Whatever happened this year, a new mayor was always going to be guaranteed for the Southland District after long-serving mayor Frana Cardno stepped down. The top job went to Gary Tong, who edged out his competitors John Douglas and Paul Duffy.

Mr Tong says he will focus on making sure Central Government is kept up to date on the council's long-standing issue with roading.

Voters on the street in Invercargill this morning reflected the mood nationwide, with a low voter turn out across the country.

Mr Shadbolt quipped that this year was his easiest election campaign and he only spent $200 on a TV energy debate.

As the mayors came back, so did a lot of standing councillors around the region.

In Dunedin incumbent Dave Cull, is also back in for another term.

It is understood that the Southern District Health Board results will be available on Monday.

You can follow our coverage online here. To take part in the conversation use #yourvote


Invercargill City Council and mayor
Southland District Council and mayor
Gore District Council and mayor
Central Otago District Council and mayor
Clutha District Council and mayor
Queenstown Lakes District Council and mayor
Southland District Health Board
Gore District Health
Central Otago Health
Invercargill Licensing Trust
Mataura Licensing Trust
Environment Southland

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Tim Shadbolt - 12,034

Invercargill City Council: 

LUDLOW, Darren – 9833

ARNOLD, Karen – 9710

THOMAS, Lindsay – 9400

ABBOTT, Lindsay - 8941

ESLER, Lloyd – 8812

LEWIS, Graham - 8328

POTTINGER, Ian – 7971

SYCAMORE, Graham – 7882

KETT, Peter - 7827

DENNIS, Alan – 7603

BONIFACE, Neil – 6856

AMUNDSEN, Rebecca – 6768

Bluff Community Board:

GLASSEY, Wyma - 598

LAIDLAW, Graham - 554

FIFE, Raymond - 501

HENDERSON 'FLUTEY', Gloria - 370

YOUNG, Patricia - 351



Gary Tong - 3371

Council, Mararoa-Waimea ward:

John Douglas -1650

Alistair Jukes -  1634

Brian Dillon - 1604

Stewart Island-Rakiura ward

Bruce Ford elected unopposed

Waiau-Aparima ward:

Stuart Baird -  1308

George Harpur - 1183

Rodney Dobson -  1133

Waihopai-Toetoes ward

Paul Duffy - 1263

Julie Keast - 873

Winton-Wallacetown ward

Lyall Bailey elected unopposed

Gavin Macpherson elected unopposed

Neil Paterson elected unopposed

Edendale-Wyndham Community Board, Edendale subdivision

Lindsay Donald elected unopposed

Denise Marie Fodie elected unopposed

Wyndham subdivision

Pamela Yorke - 248

Nathan Stewart - 240

Dean Rabbidge-  238

Otautau Community Board

Andre Bekhuis - 286

Tony Vincent - 278

Peter Gutsell - 243

Amber Gerken - 215

Ken Davidson - 214

Peter Herrick - 211

Riverton-Aparima Community Board

Blair Stewart - 400

Bruce Shields - 391

Jan Breayley - 382

Tim Anderson - 339

Andrew Wilson - 312

Neil Linscott - 306

Stewart Island-Rakiura Community Board

Anita Geeson - 157

Greg Everest - 151

Jarrod Baird - 144

Graham Cowley - 123

Jon Spraggon - 122

Aaron Conner - 116

Te Anau Community Board

Mark Deaker - 953

Tony O’Loughlin - 889

Rachel Cockburn - 761

Sarah Greaney -  616

Ann Carran - 602

Kara Matheson - 593


Tuatapere Community Board

(No election, candidates elected unopposed)

Stephen Crack

Ann Cherie Horrell

Justin Lewis

Dave Norman

Jo Sandford


Wallacetown Community Board

(No election, candidates elected unopposed)

Shaun Holland

Peter Laurie

Isabelle Mulder

Frank Shearing

George Watkinson

Rae Wilson


Winton Community Board

(No election, candidates elected unopposed)

Bruce Hughes

Geoffrey Jukes

Lynley Mangos

John McHigh

Doreen McNaught

Brian Somerville



Tracy Hicks elected unopposed

Council, District wide ward

Nicola Davis - 2351

Peter Grant - 2259

Cliff Bolger - 2217

Waikaka ward

Diane Byars - 286

Kaiwera Waimumu ward

Graham Sharp elected unopposed

Gore ward

Doug Grant - 2025

Bret Highsted - 1638

Ralph Beale - 1618

Anne Gover  - 1432

Graham Page - 1248

Mataura ward

Steve (Boko) Dixon elected unopposed

Mataura Community Board

Barbara Cunningham elected unopposed

Chris Duffy elected unopposed

Linda Sinclair elected unopposed

Alan Taylor elected unopposed

A by-election to be run to fill remaining vacancy on this board.



Tony Lepper - 4416

Council, Cromwell ward:

Neil Gillespie - 1511

Nigel McKinlay - 1205

Shirley Calvert - 1131

Earnscleugh-Manuherikia ward:

Clair Higginson -860

Malcolm Topliss - 677

Maniototo ward:

Stuart  Duncan - 448

Alexandra ward:

Martin McPherson - 1673

Barrie Wills - 1358

Stephen Battrick - 1152

Cromwell Community Board:

Glen Christiansen - 1402

Tom Pinckney - 1104

Gordon Stewart - 751

Helen Hucklebridge - 729

Vincent Community Board (Earnscleugh Manuherikia ward):

James Armstrong - 575

Stu Millis - 500

Vincent Community Board (Alexandra ward):

Melanie Bell - 1302

Claire Goudie - 1064

Barry Hambleton - 796



Bryan Cadogan - 4274


Council, Balclutha ward:

Ron DAVIS - 1742

Ken PAYNE - 1465

Hamish ANDERSON - 1177

Jo-anne THOMSON - 1117

Bruce ward:

Gaynor Finch elected unopposed

Bruce Vollweiller elected unopposed

Selwyn John Wilkinson elected unopposed

Catlins ward:

Hilary McNab elected unopposed

Clinton ward:

John Cochrane elected unopposed

Clutha Valley ward:

Stewart Cowie elected unopposed

Kaitangata-Matau ward:

Bruce Graham elected unopposed

Lawrence-Tuapeka ward:

Geoff Blackmore - 310

Lawrence-Tuapeka Community Board:

Geoff Davidson- 381

Rowena Anne Patterson- 343

Garry McCorkindale - 335

Brent Taylor - 334

Malcolm MacLeod - 282

Liz Forbes - 260

West Otago Community Board:

Antony Robertson elected unopposed

Barbara Hanna elected unopposed

John Herbert elected unopposed

Linda Roulston elected unopposed

Bruce Robertson elected unopposed

Suzanne Wink elected unopposed

West Otago ward

Michelle Kennedy elected unopposed

Raymond McKenzie elected unopposed



Vanessa van Uden - 6056

Council, Arrowtown ward:

Lex Perkins elected unopposed

Queenstown-Wakatip ward:

Cath Gilmour - 2966

Craig Ferguson - 2530

Alexa Forbes - 2199

Mel Gazzard - 1686

Merv Aoake - 1623

Simon Stamers-Smith - 1578

Wanaka ward:

Calum McLeod - 2398

Lyal Cocks - 1797

Ella Lawton - 1544

Wanaka Community Board:

Rachel Brown - 2158

Ross McRobie - 2149

Bryan Lloyd - 2090

Mike O'Connor - 2066

Otago Regional Council:

Dunedin Constituency

Louise Croot - 16,567

Gretchen Robertson - 15,630

Michael Deaker - 15,080

Sam Neill - 14,342

Bryan Scott - 13,5666

Trevor Kempton - 12, 562

Dustan Constituency

Graeme Robert Bell -6789

Gerrard Eckhoff - 6339

Gary Kelliher - 5274

Molyneux Constituency

Stephen Woodhead - 7814

David Shepherd 6883


Otago Constituents

Richard Thomson

John Chambers

Mary Gamble

Branko Sijnja


Southland Constituents

Kaye Crowther

Neville Cook

Tim Ward



Ainsley Webb elected unopposed

Tracy Paterson elected unopposed

John Kerr elected unopposed

Dick Cane elected unopposed


MIKA, Mike - 8724

PRENTICE, Suzanne - 8488

NEWELL, Angela - 8339

DENNIS, Alan - 7592

BELLEW, Sean – 6896

YOUNG, John - 6486


Ward 1:

Horace Mcauley elected unopposed

Ward 2:

Bryan Burgess elected unopposed

Alan Byrne elected unopposed

Jeff Rankin elected unopposed

Ward 3:

Brendon (Moe) Murray elected unopposed

Ward 4:

Barbara Mackay

Ward 5:

Jeannine Cunningham elected unopposed

Ward 6:

Jim McAllister elected unopposed

Ward 7:

Todd Lyders elected unopposed


Ward 1:

GARDNER, Julie Diane 1563

CROSS, Blair 1442

MORRIS, Steve 1405

Ward 2:

AGNEW, Tiny 965


Ward 3:

GREENE, Joy 200



Peter Jones elected unopposed

Ali Tims elected unopposed


Ross Cockburn elected unopposed


Grant Hubber elected unopposed


Maurice Rodway - 7516

Rowly Currie - 6798

Jan Riddell - 6668

Robert Guyton - 6635

Marion Miller - 6475

Neville Cook 6345



Lloyd McCallum - 959

Brian Mason 875


Nicol Horrell elected unopposed


Dunedin City Council:


Dave Cull

Mosgiel Taieri Ward

Kate Wilson

Mike Lord

Central Ward

Hilary Calvert

Richard Thomson

Lee Vandervis

Jinty MacTavish

David Benson-Pope

Aaron Hawkins

Chris Staynes

Neville Peat

Doug Hall

John Bezett

Andrew Whiley

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