100 days and counting

03:07, Oct 30 2013
New ICC councillor Rebecca Amundsen.

100 days and counting...

For the next 100 days southlandtimes.co.nz will follow newly elected Invercargill City Councillor Rebecca Amundsen.

She's not an unfamiliar face to people  who live in Glengarry, or those who voted for her.

She's a mother, a landlord, a project leader and now a city councillor.

But this isn't just our project, it's yours too.

Get involved by posting comments, asking questions and answering polls each week as we follow Rebecca's first days in office.


Each week Rebecca will also write about her council musings.To get started, here's her first post.

The election has ended and I am almost officially an elected representative of the Invercargill City Council.

Almost, because I am not yet officially sworn in for another couple of hours - the first meeting is today at 4pm.

It has been a long, quiet wait since the elections finished on October 12.I feel like I have been sitting in mid-air between the frying pan that is the campaign and the fire that is getting into the job.

Lingering in that place I have to say is making me nervous - I have lots of thoughts about what the next three years hold bouncing around in my head.

I have been told to enjoy the calm before the storm..... but anticipation can often be worse than the storm itself.

The campaign was the beginning of this journey - I was amazed at the level of disinterest in the election as I went around various places with my couch so people could 'Have A Seat And Have A Say'. 

And it wasn't just young people, but a whole range of people.

By contrast people were grateful for the opportunity to meet and talk to someone who was standing.

Many people were also concerned about the CBD - which was really the biggest issue of the campaign.

Since the 12th, apart from the waiting, only a few council related things have happened.

I received a list of committees and outside appointments so I could indicate what I would be interested in and then I had a meeting with the Mayor to discuss them.

With my community focus I selected the Community Services Committee and also indicated I would be interested in being the council representative on the Bluff Community Board.

I think I could do a good job of advocating for the Bluff Community with the council.

But I will have to wait until the meeting to find out what opportunities I will have.

Late Wednesday afternoon my first lot of meeting papers arrived.

The agenda for the first meeting includes the introduction of councillors and an explanation of legislation.

We also received the annual report - our first bit of intensive reading.

I started reading when staying at a cosy home on Stewart Island during Labour Weekend while thunder, lightning and hail blew in and out of Half Moon Bay.

It was my first trip to the island and the rugged weather certainly made it a spectacular experience.

As for the annual report, well it reminds me of my son's school report with its achieved and not achieved against various targets.

In saying that it's a very good introduction to all the arms the council has.

The next three years I am going to learn a lot about all of these things.But for now I wait, and in a few hours it will be official.

I will no longer be anticipating my experience as an Invercargill City Councillor but will be in the thick of it.

Roll on!

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