Animal-free treats given away

02:22, Nov 01 2013

Vegan baking and chocolate soy milk will be handed out on the streets of Invercargill today as part of celebrations for World Vegan Day.

Vegans avoid eating meat, dairy products and eggs, and wearing animal skin.

The Invercargill Vegan Society is believed to be the southernmost animal rights group in the world.

Founder Jordan Wyatt said the group would give out baking and chocolate soy milk at lunchtime in Esk and Dee streets. There were also a few surprises in store for the day, he said.

Last year, they gave away tofu to butchers and almond milk to dairy factories. The group decided not to repeat those for their surprises this year. "We were worried they might have a prank set up for us, a bit like in [the movie] Carrie, with pig's blood waiting for us," Mr Wyatt said.

Southland may be based around farming but it had embraced veganism, he said. "Invercargill has one of the most vibrant World Vegan Days in New Zealand."

The largest World Vegan Day celebration in the southern hemisphere is held in Melbourne, where up to 5000 vegans were expected to gather.

Brittany Pickett is a journalism student at Aoraki Polytechnic.


The Southland Times