Spidey-sense lets down confused tourist

02:52, Nov 01 2013

A confused Englishman ended up in a scuffle with Spider-Man and Ronald McDonald in a Queenstown bar early this morning.

Senior Constable Chris Blackford, of Queenstown, said the man was outside a Searle Ln bar at 1.45am when a staff member showing some Halloween spirit and  dressed as Spider-Man asked him to take his glass inside.

He refused to do so and an off-duty staff member attempted to assist Spider-Man but, as a scuffle developed, the duty manager, dressed as Ronald McDonald stepped in and became involved.

Police were called but were unsure whether charges would be laid. They said they would view CCTV footage before making any decisions.

''It looks like the English national may have been a bit confused by all the attention he was getting from people who are normally there to help,'' Mr Blackford said.


The Southland Times