It's showtime!

22:29, Nov 28 2013
Kylie McLaren
Kylie McLaren.
Olivia Thomson
Olivia Thomson.
Jasmine de Geest
Jasmine de Geest.
Brittany Pyne
Brittany Pyne.
Nicole Cunningham
Nicole Cunningham.
Renee Crutchley
Renee Crutchley.
Cori Anne Solomon
Cori Anne Solomon.
Emily Hargest
Emily Hargest.

The South Otago Show Queen contestants will make their speeches at the A&P Show this Saturday.

They are scheduled to appear at 12.30pm in front of the grandstand.

The Clutha Leader asked the contestants a couple of questions in advance:

1. Why did you enter the Show Queen competition? 2. Why do you think the A&P show is important? 

Kylie McLaren: 

1. I thought it would be fun and a good experience, and now I've entered I'm glad I did. 2.


It is a great community event that brings all the locals together and I think A&P shows should happen everywhere. 

Emily Hargest: 

1. I thought it was a good opportunity to do something I would not usually do, as well as getting the chance to meet people and gain confidence.

2. The show is important because it gets the community together and it is good to see everyone having a great day. 

Oilvia Thomson:

1. I though it would be a good experience and if I didn't do it now, then I never would.

2. I think it's important because it gets the town together and is a good community event.

Jasmine de Geest:

1. I have missed out on entering in earlier years and thought I  may as well have a go this year.

2. It brings everyone together and you get the chance to see what the district is made of.

Renee Crutchley:

1. It is something I would never usually do and I thought it would be a great way to get out and meet people.

2. The show gets people in the community together and gives farmers a chance to get off the farm for a day.

Brittany Pyne:

1. I entered to challenge myself and get myself out of my comfort zone because it is something I would never usually do.

2. The show is a good way to showcase the community and good for families. I would usually be riding my horse in the show, but my sister is this year instead.

Cori Anne Solomon:

1. One reason I entered was because I like public speaking and also to have the chance to meet and hang out with the other contestants.

2. I think the A&P Show is important because people like to seeing others they know, they enjoy seeing the girls get on stage and speak about themselves.

Nicole Cunningham:

1. I entered to gain confidence, meet new people and try new experiences.

2. The show gets the community together and you see people have a great time.

Clutha Leader