SIT funding safe as student targets met

16:00, Nov 29 2013

The Southern Institute of Technology is set to meet its targeted student numbers, meaning tightened tertiary funding rules will not be an issue.

Several universities and polytechnics will have to pay back government funding after failing to meet enrolment targets this year.

Under tightened rules, educational institutes that attract less than 99 per cent of equivalent fulltime students (EFTS) agreed upon with the Tertiary Education Commission now have to repay a portion of their government funding.

Previously, institutes had a 3 per cent threshold, so did not have to hand back funding unless they slipped below 97 per cent of their targeted enrolments.

SIT deputy chief executive corporate Bharat Guha said the polytechnic was forecasting to meet 100 per cent of its required student achievement component (SAC) EFTS this year, and so would not have to repay any government funding.

SIT was funded for 3389 EFTS in 2013 and had attracted "marginally over" this amount, he said.

The institute had been aware of the changes for some time and planned accordingly.

"SIT has always aimed at overachieving our targets so it hasn't really been an issue," he said.


The Southland Times